The entrance to Trypiti beach through a small gorge

Tripiti beach


   South Crete: Gortyna - Trypiti beach (Premium program)

Type of excursion:

Civilization - Tradition - landscape - Beach day

Optional: boat cruiser

Duration of the one-way trip: 1:15 hours

Price : 85.00 euro per person

 Search another special area of Southern Crete, for a beautiful beach so you can enjoy the sun, along with the Mediterranean Sea. A two-and-a-half hour trip from the northern side of the island to the south of central Crete, with routes through olive groves and villages. We will visit the archaeological site of Gortyna for a while, an important commercial center of the Minoan and Roman era. Last stop, by car, we end up driving through a canyon at the Trypiti beach, enjoying the relaxation of the sea and the sun on a private and quiet beach with a seaside tavern among cool trees, to quench you from the heat of the South, where you can taste its recipes and products.

Difficulty Level: 00





Canoeing for two

Lunch Optionally: a cruise at the Salmia beach. (optionally)


08: 00 am: Departure from the hotel

10: 00 am: After the inland trip, first pit stop at the archaeological site of Gortyna

10:30 am: Arrival at the Trypiti beach, or for a swim and sunbathing

17: 00 pm: Departure and return to the hotel.

Not included - pay on the spot: Gortyna entrance fee

Should be brought along:

Comfortable Shoes,




Entrance Tripiti Beach

Tripiti Beach

Tripiti Beach

 Optionally, we can travel from the Trypiti beach, on a small ship, to two different beautiful beaches (depending on the weather and the ship schedule), they can easily be approached, through on the sea side only.

 The duration of the cruise is approximately two and a half hours. The Salamia beach is the unique, beautiful beach, known as the star area, by its locals. Alternatively, the Trafoulas beach is a small closed bay, located on east of the village of Lenda, at the exit of a small gorge. The beach is surrounded by rocky and sandy hills with caves, a shelter for the seals in the Mediterranean, but is also suitable for the modern loners of the greek summer.

Difficulty Level: 00

Salamias beach

Salamias beach

Salamias beach