Beach bus Eastern & Southerly Crete

Search, explore and enjoy the Greek summer with our unique weekly programs, as well as unknown & pristine beaches of Crete to experience true relaxation.

 Swim and enjoy a quiet sunbathing, play exploring the blue waters and the coastline of the Southern Sea of Crete and also Eastern Crete

We move through the mountainous landscape of the Cretan hinterland and the traditional villages of the prefecture of Heraklion. The route leads us to the other side of the island, so we can look for the secluded, untouched beaches that the human civilization has not yet touched.

 Through the mountains and ever so beautiful gorges, we seek the South Cretan Sea, where the south-eastern Mediterranean emerges, the border between the west and the east, which have always led people to and from the direction of the three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

 As we approach the sea, we realize that we are touching the border of Europe. We scent the smells that lie in the atmosphere and enjoy the enchanting light that creates a hunch of the near East. Enjoying the sea in calm and imposing, wild seaside landscapes, dominated by nature, the body and mind relax in a harmonious coexistence with the planet.

 The sun, the sea, its saltiness and hot sand activate, and, at the same time, soothe all human senses. The body enjoys direct contact with the elements of nature and lazily surrenders. While the mind travels on unknown coasts, bays and harbors, it follows sea routes on peaceful beaches, safe from weather, the shelters of the seamen. The hunts of pirates, full of legends and stories, tempt you to explore the surrounding caves and small bays, look behind the rocks, dive into the seabed and experience another vivid seaworld, with its own shapes and colors.

 At the end of this experience, under the shade of trees in the nearby small fishing village, overlooking the endless sea and a glass of wine, along seafood delicacies, we hope to complete a unique emotive experience that will leave the most romantic memories.

Blue Ways

VAI: The Exotic Palm Forest

Ierapetra Port to Chrissi Island

South Crete: Gortyna - Trypiti beach

Vai beach

Chrissi Island

Tripiti Beach

The “Listi” Beach

Spinalonga Island

Listis Beach

Spinalonga island & cruiser